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Local campaign law limits contributions to a maximum of $340 per person. Spouses wishing to donate more than $340 (up to $680 per household) must use an account providing both names on the check or write separate checks from each individual (preferred for campaign records). 

Santa Monica City Charter Article XXII-Information for Contributors states that Councilmembers may not accept contributions from anyone who has received a valuable benefit as a result of the Councilmember’s affirmative vote. Beneficiaries are defined to include both persons who have received benefits, and persons who are 10% owners, or are partners, directors, officers, or trustees, of corporations or other entities that have received benefits. Valuable benefits are defined as: A variance or special use permit operating as an exception to the zoning code and worth more than $25,000; or a contract for services or goods worth more than $25,000 in any twelve-month period; or a real estate contract worth more than $25,000 in any twelve-month period; or a franchise with gross revenue over $50,000 in any twelve-month period; or a tax abatement worth more than $5,000 in any twelve-month period; or cash in excess of $10,000 in any twelve-month period.


Please give what you can. Campaign ID# 1381370; Mike Bone, Treasurer.

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